European Patent Validations
Where it comes to validation of European patents, translation is of foremost importance to right holders for effective protection and enforcement. We have a large network of outsource and in-house translators, whose main business is patents only. We can help our clients to validate European patents in Turkey cost-effectively with quality translations.

European Patent Validations

After grant by European Patent Office (EPO), European patents are required to be validated in each country of interest of European Patent Convention (EPC). Validation process requires different steps in different countries: Some of the countries ask translation of whole specifications or claims only whereas others do not ask anything to validate European patent.

In Turkey, we need to translate whole specifications of European patent (so-called B1 Document) into Turkish language for validation. We should also pay required official fee. Deadline for validation is 3 months after publication of decision to grant in European Patent Bulletin. Validation should be made within 3 months, otherwise there would be no possibility of reestablishment of rights.

We are highly experienced in handling European patent validations and we can provide comprehensive advice in respect of pre-validation and post-validation process.

As known, most of the work for European patent validation is translating European patent specifications. Our associate translators, highly specialized on patent translations, translate EP specifications meticulously. Our patent attorneys are also trusted translators and they are performing translations directly or cross-checking the text of European patent specifications translated by associate translators. We are extremely confident on quality of our translations due to our long experience on patent translations.

Our translation rates and service fees are competitive and we are flexible enough to provide large discounts in case of tenders or large validation projects. We are also open to negotiate our prices for individual cases or cases of the individuals of budgetary constraints.

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