Applications for Action by the Customs
Turkey is often listed on top where counterfeiting activities are relatively high among other countries. This is mainly due to the fact that Turkey is transcontinental country in Eurasia as transit point of goods. It is effective tool to fight against counterfeits by filing customs applications for IP rights in Turkey. We have necessary knowledge and experience in handling customs protection in both prosecution and enforcement by our legal associates.

Applications for Action by the Customs

It is a reality that counterfeiting and piracy is on the increase. We can observe how it is rampant in our daily life; products are illegally imitated and trademarks and designs are infringed. The right holder needs to act proactively to protect their IPs. One of the proactive measures is to file customs applications in country of interest.

We are preparing and filing applications for action before Turkish Customs to stop fake and counterfeit goods from entering into or exiting from Turkey. The applications are filed online and each Customs unit throughout the country can easily track the applications.

We have also good experience and contact with Turkish Customs to solve counterfeiting activities. In case of any seizure, our associate lawyers can take further actions, such as preliminary injunctions, court actions, release or destroy of seized goods by agreement.

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